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Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival

11/2 - 11/11

Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival

Every year as the rains start to fall, a magical transformation begins in Mendocino’s woodlands and forests. From the duff on the forest floor, tiny mushrooms start to sprout heralding the start of another amazing Mushroom, Wine & Beer Festival! This is the time of year that all lovers of fungi don their hunting gear and armed with a stick, bag, knife and guidebook, head to the woods to harvest nature’s bounty.

Prized porcini grow in great drifts while cute candy caps hide their heads hoping to be overlooked by avid seekers. An incredible 3,000 varieties of ‘shrooms grow in the county but only a few varieties are truly edible.

To celebrate their annual return, Mendocino County holds a 10-day festival that features fungi in just about every way possible. From themed dinners where the mushroom is the king of every course to arts and crafts exhibits and from mushroom and wine pairings to the ultimate in ice cream… a cone of candy cap mushroom! You’re invited to join in the fun of the hunt by staying in the county, going on a foray, or simply soaking up the funky fungi vibe!

Check back for more information. Dates in 2018 are Friday November 2 through Sunday November 11.

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